"A safe and simple procedure
for breast reduction
or breast lift patients"


"The Game-changer
The only solution with
CE certification"


"a breakthrough solution
preventing re-sagging"


"At last.. long lasting
results to breast surgerie"

Breast Lift Surgery

Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast Symmetrization

The Product

OrbiShape™, is a breakthrough in mammoplasty, offering a new, innovative approach to the problems inherent in the current breast reduction, breast lifting and breast symmetrization surgical procedures..

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Patients Area

Considering a breast lift? A breast reduction or a breast reconstruction surgery? OrbiShapeTM can enhance your results and ensure long lasting positioning of your breasts and nipple..

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Surgeons Area

Allow your patients to enjoy the excellent results of your work.. for years. Learn how to significantly reduce tissue scarring, avoid the usual post-operative re-sagging of the breasts and maintain breast and nipple position for years..

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Meet OrbiShape™ surgeons
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  • Avoids re-sagging of the breasts
  • Significant reduction of tissue scarring visibility
  • Better breast appearance and nipple position

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Orbix team is going to participate the Beauty Through Science (BTS) in Stockholm presenting our revoultionary Read more


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“Excellent and stable results, great breast projection. In a regular breast reduction with this size breast I would expect a significant recurrence of sagging, the nipple would be pointing downwards and the scarring would be more significant. I see an interesting potential in using the device in conjunction with breast augmentation- it might help avoid pseudo-ptosis”.

Professor Per Heden, Akademikliniken of Stockholm, Sweden


“I was concerned with scarring and potential pain, and I was surprised not to feel any pain following the procedure. ..the healing process has been excellent “

Professor Moustapha Hamdi

“In the 5 years+ follow up I saw excellent and stable results in all patients. No recurrence of ptosis, excellent breast projection and reduced scarring. In patients with similar physique I would have expected to see a few centimeters increase in nipple to imframmary fold measurement, less optimal nipple position and more scarring. Patients are very happy with the results.”

Professor Moustapha Hamdi, UZ Brussels Belgium


“I’m very happy with the results, I would definitely recommend to my friends”

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Committed to innovation, Orbix develops manufacturers and commercializes revolutionary solutions for breast plastic surgery.

The company’s flagship – OrbiShapeTM is set to significantly enhance and improve the outcome of the current breast procedures.

Orbix excellence centers and community of global opinion leading surgeons invest in providing training and support for maximizing both patients and surgeons benefits and enhancing trust in our products.

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