Orbix Medical Logo

Committed to innovation, Orbix Medical develops, manufactures and brings to market revolutionary solutions for breast plastic surgery procedures.

Founded in 2004 by Prof. Eyal Gur, Head of the Plastic Surgery Department at the highly regarded Tel Aviv Medical Center, the company’s head office is based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Orbix Medical’s revolutionary CE marked devices, OrbiShape and OrbiSymm are set to significantly enhance and improve the outcome of current breast procedures, including Mastopexy, Reduction and Symmetrisation. Orbix Medical ‘Centers of Excellence’ and a community of global Key Opinion Leading Surgeons, invest in providing training and support that maximize the benefits for both surgeons and patients.

Current breast procedures lose their effect over time due to skin laxity, pressure exerted by gravity, movement and the weight of breast tissue on the skin. The OrbiShape system supports and bears the weight of breast tissue, in order to prevent re-sagging and ensure a satisfactory appearance over time.

Used in conjunction with a Breast Reduction, Breat Lift and Symmetrisation procedures, the OrbiShape and OrbiSymm Breast Supporting System:

  • Improves the appearance of the breast
  • Prevents re-sagging of the breast
  • Reduces scarring

Orbix Medical has more than 6 years follow-up on its first procedures and the excellent, long-lasting aesthetic results of Orbix Medical’s innovative products are revolutionizing the ever- growing worldwide market of aesthetic procedures.