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About Orbisymm

Orbix Medical’s CE Marked product OrbiSymm is a very similar product to OrbiShape, but is used specifically for Breast Symmetrization purposes, to correct one breast. OrbiSymm is particularly good for breast reconstruction following breast cancer, where the non-reconstructed breast requires symmetrization.

Youthful, Long-lasting Results

Orbix Medical has more than 6 years follow-up on its first procedures and the excellent, long-lasting aesthetic results of Orbix Medical’s innovative products are revolutionizing the ever- growing worldwide market of aesthetic procedures.

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About OrbiSymm

Restore & maintain the youthful appearance of your breasts

  • Natural, youthful appearance & shape
  • Long-lasting Results
  • Supports your breasts and acts as an ‘internal bra’
  • Prevents re-sagging caused by gravity
  • Minimizes scarring traditionally seen in breast surgery procedures
  • Supports your breast tissue & reduces pressure on the suture line
  • Improves the appearance, projection and position of your nipples

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