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Are you considering a surgery to restore your breasts youthfulness ?

Learn why OrbiShape is the procedure for you:

  • Better Long Term Outcomes to Breast Reduction
  • Better Long Term Outcomes to Breast Lift

OrbiShapeTM enhances the effects of breast surgery, for firm, young-looking breasts that keep their shape over time. Whether you desire a breast lift, breast reduction or symmetrization, OrbiShape proven advantages are:

Long lasting results

As beautiful the breasts surgery results are, gravity and time cause a usual post-operative re-sagging of the breasts. OrbiShape is an “internal bra” that fights gravity when time takes its course. OrbiShape supports your breasts and enables you to maintain your breasts shape and youthfulness.

Your breasts will look more natural

With OrbiShape, your breasts appearance and nipple position will be at the optimal projection from day one and for many years after.

OrbiShape minimizes the scarring visibility

OrbiShape supports the breast tissue, reduces the pressure on the suture line and thus reduces the scarring visibility.

How does OrbiShape ensure long term outcomes?

OrbiShape is an “internal bra” offering a REAL internal support. The OrbiShape breast support system is developed to safely support the breast from within. As part of your breast reduction or breast lift procedure, a uniquely designed sling is inserted under the breast and attached to your ribs. It reduces the pressure on the weight-bearing skin that causes re-sagging. This ensures that the breasts maintain a long-lasting firm, upright appearance years after the procedure.