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How does OrbiShape work?

The OrbiShape breast support system has been developed to safely and effectively support your breasts from within. As part of your Breast Reduction, Breast Lift or Symmetrization procedure, a uniquely designed medical grade silicone sling is inserted under the breast and anchored from above the breast to the ribs.

The OrbiShape sling is adjusted and secured in place cradling the breast from within, in order to provide permanent internal support. It works by reducing the pressure on the weight-bearing skin that causes re-sagging of the breasts over the course of time. This ensures that your breasts maintain a long-lasting firm, upright appearance years after your procedure. OrbiShape is CE marked and has passed all stringent clinical safety and efficacy requirements. Each kit undergoes the strictest quality assurance procedures and is delivered in sterile packaging, ready to use in the operation room.

“Women want surgical procedures that restore or maintain the natural & youthful appearance of their breasts”

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How does OrbiShape help with Breast Symmetry?
The OrbiShape system enables your surgeon to accurately position the breasts to ensure a natural, symmetrical appearance with the nipples projecting forward. Results are immediately visible following surgery and beyond. OrbiShape works to fight gravity, enabling your breasts to maintain their upper pole fullness and the forward position of your nipples.


OrbiShape Versus Traditional Breast Surgery Procedures


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